Halifax Ashtanga Yoga Shala

Monica Lynns - Yoga Teacher

— Monica works in holistic nutrition and has a background in training and conditioning athletes from the amateur to the professional. She was a teenager when she first encountered yoga in some old library books. Intrigued by the poses, but lacking direction, Monica’s fascination didn’t go further than curious attempts at postures and lots of tumbling over! Eventually beginning a practice at home with videos, Monica subsequently moved on to a Mysore-style class. After some time, she decided to attend workshops led by senior yoga teachers including Mark Darby, Jonathan Austman, Tim Miller, Hart Lazer, and Father Joe Pereira. Monica wanted to explore body wisdom and yoga even further, so she took her first 200-hour teacher-training program, and supplemental pre and postnatal programs. She developed a thirst for more advanced training—specifically with Hart Lazer, and it’s through this training that Monica learned ways to modify postures so that the practice is accessible to everyone. Monica’s most significant teaching experience was the creation of a weekly yoga class for the IWK’s CHOICES, a treatment program for adolescents experiencing the negative effects of substance use and/or gambling.

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Monica teaches:

Ashtanga I - Tuesday  8:00 - 9:15pm
Intro to Ashtanga - Thursday 8:00 - 9:15pm